Hi are producers of shrink labels in different sizes and colors. We manufacture shrink wrap labels in rotogravure printing upto 9 colors. Shrink wrap labels can be applied no matter of any odd shape of bottles or containers where else adhesive labels or traditional stickers. Our shrink wrap labels can be applied on glass, metal, plastic or any other metal or plastic and shrink labels can take shape of the container after shrinking. After shrinking it looks like as if the printing is done on the container or bottle.

shrink labels
We are the world leader in manufacturing heat shrink labels for wide variety of industries including food, beer, soft drinks, whiskey, Gin, vodka, wines, dairy products, yogurt, house hold products, cosmetics, liquid hand wash, liquid detergents, cleaning products, Pet foods, Pharmaceuticals, medical products, construction chemicals, paint buckets etc.

We can customize shrink labels in almost any design. We can also print metalized gold printed labels. Metal effect labels are specially used in cosmetics industries and some pharmaceuticals products.

Adhesive Labels

We have capacity to make decorative sleeves upto 360 degree printing with skin tight effect which goes on your bottles. We guarantee your product can stand out from rest of competition.

We can also make promotional heat shrink labels. This label can be applied on two or three bottles all to gather. No matter the bottles are small or big or any size.

We can make tamper evident personalized shrink labels. Which is getting very much popular in medical, sports nutrition and fruit juice segment. Please contact our sales team for further details.